Madrid Service Design Guided Tour

If architects visit buildings when traveling and gourmets look for the best food experiences, what do service designers visit when they travel abroad? Inspired by this idea the next Service Design Drinks in Madrid will explore how to create a “service design guided tour” for those visiting the city. Focused on professionals and people interested in service design who come to our city for a few days, we’ll try to locate and select the most significant services in Madrid. We hope to trigger a reflection around how services are evaluated, measured and ranked in order to create this map. Of course, if you’ve been there and there is a service you think that is  worth knowing, you can add your comment with a brief description of the service, where it can be found and why you’d recommend others to use it. We’ll be sincerely grateful!

Also you can join us next May 19th at 20:00 hs. at Pepa Tencha (Calle de Apodaca 3, Metro Tribunal).

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